5 Backyard Renovation Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Unique Space

5 Backyard Renovation Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Unique Space – The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.


Backyard Renovation

5 Backyard Renovation Ideas to Turn Your Backyard Into a Unique Space


One of the benefits of finding your forever home is that you now get to turn it into a space specifically designed for you and your family. That also includes the outdoor space. As you start designing the outdoor area, try to think big. Here are a few installation suggestions you can use to help you create the perfect outdoor area.

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1. Consider the Lighting You Need

Lighting is a serious topic you should consider as you start your backyard plans. Talk to a professional about how to include safety features in your lighting and create a system that allows you to maximize the use of your outdoor area, especially during the winter months when the days are shorter. One way to find inspiration on your own is to review case studies in the outdoor lighting industry. You’ll learn more about the ways professionals handle lighting for football stadiums, outdoor complexes, and indoor arenas. Then you can find ways to incorporate those ideas into your own design.


2. Add Features That Promote Physical Activity

Maximize the use of your space by turning it into an outdoor gym. You can install a climbing wall or an obstacle trail. You don’t even need a massive space to include a dirt bike or skateboard ramp. Outdoor fitness equipment can be beneficial for the entire family. Research ways you can create a fitness space outside that will accommodate your growing children for years to come.


3. Get Creative With a Pool

The ultimate backyard accessory is a swimming pool, but it doesn’t have to be a standard rectangle or kidney-shaped pool. Think about incorporating something custom, such as a wave pool. Research shows updates in wave pool design will eliminate some of the complaints about the technology. Whether you choose to install a wave pool indoors or outdoors, it’s a great form of experience and can be individualized to be an accessory to your larger swimming pool.


4. Hire Professionals for Grading

One important consideration for any outdoor installation is grading. You need an even surface before you place anything, from pool to patio, in your yard. This is an area where you should seriously consider hiring a professional contractor to help you create a more stable space and avoid water pooling. Before you meet with any experts, read reviews online to see what other customers say about their services. Then talk to several to get quotes for your project plans. If cost is a major concern for you, research companies that offer discounts and credits.


5. Build an Outdoor Living Room

Every backyard should have an outdoor living space for family events or just hanging out. You can incorporate a kitchen and fireplace. Spice up pool days with a brick pizza oven and a grill. You can even include a full-size refrigerator and a bar area. Talk to professionals about finding the right furniture to withstand the outside elements, and include an outdoor TV for game days and movie nights.


As you work your way through ideas for your backyard, keep in mind that big projects are better left to professionals. For example, there are too many risks associated with grading your landscape on your own. Make sure the lighting is pleasing and effective, and stay on top of maintenance to keep everything in the best shape.