10 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summers

10 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summers – Today’s guest blog is by The Medlin Law Firm. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

10 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool in Summers

Summers are all about sunbathing at the beach, outdoor grills, and backyard stargazing in some parts of the world. For others, summers are far too hot and humid to leave home. The few peak months of summer seem like the perfect time to crank up the air conditioner and hibernate till the temperatures drop to a tolerable level; even if it entails filing for bankruptcy by the end of the season. If your home heats up like a furnace in the summers, use these tips to cool it down without amplifying your utility bills or contributing to global warming:

1.      Shield the Windows at Daytime

Closing blinds or putting up blackout curtains can stop the scorching rays of the sun from penetrating your home and pushing it to a boiling point. They act as an effective shield against heat waves, and lower temperature by up to 10%. Thick drapes and curtains have a darkening effect that keeps the house cooler.

2.      Go Cotton

Cotton is a natural light, soft, and breathable fabric, so make the most of it during summers. Invest in some cotton sheets for your bed and couches. Loose-fitted cotton clothing will also keep your body cool and comfortable.

3.      Replace Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent bulbs and lamps emit heat, which increases indoor temperatures. Replace them with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting to beat the heat and lower your electricity bill. Energy-saving electrical appliances are a huge favor for the environment as well.

4.      Try the Ice Fan Hack

Who says you cannot enjoy a cool breeze at home without an air conditioner? All you need is a portable/mobile fan and a bowl full of ice cubes. Place the ice bowl in front of the fan to relish in a pleasantly icy gust of air.

5.      Avoid Hot Meals

Turning up the oven and keeping the stove on during summers makes the house even hotter. Skip the cooked meals and opt for dishes you can prepare without fire. Eat lots of raw vegetables and fruits, make Greek yogurt parfaits, and be creative with whatever you have at home. You can initiate a healthy lifestyle and save natural resources side by side.

6.      Dehumidify

A dehumidifier is an inexpensive electrical appliance that can remove the extra moisture from the air. Humidity dampens the air, lowers evaporation rates, and tends to make summers feel warmer than they actually are. Dehumidifying your indoor space will readily make it a lot more airy and cool.

7.      Stay Grounded

Heat rises, which is why upper stories in buildings get too hot during the summer. Sleeping on the ground floor is your best option. If that is not an option, try sleeping nearer to the floor. Remove carpets and rugs, as they trap heat inside them.

8.      Add Greenery Outdoors

Growing trees around your real estate and placing potted plants near windows can also help lower surrounding temperatures. Plantation removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and provides cool shade.

9.      Counter Clockwise Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans often feel useless when it’s hypothetically a hundred degrees outside; all they do is throw hot air at your face, which is far from comforting. Adjust your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise, as it will push air downwards and produce a cooling effect.

10. Open the Windows at Night

Temperatures drop during the night, as the sun goes down. Open your windows after sunset to let in some cool air and eliminate the stuffiness. However, do lock up before going to bed as closed windows are a preliminary form of domestic