5 Essential AC Repair Tips to Stay Cool

5 Essential AC Repair Tips to Stay Cool – Today’s guest blog is by Ankita Bose of Dubai Cleaners. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.

5 Essential AC Repair Tips to Stay Cool

5 Essential AC Repair Tips to Stay Cool

There are regions where summer can be mild, while in other regions, summer can be very hot, such as in Dubai. Despite the moderate heat, there are often those days when the sun is scorching hot and it becomes nearly impossible to stay outdoors.

During the summer season, the only thing that can make the heat bearable is an Air Conditioner. However, there is a problem with that. The more you stay indoors and keep the AC running all day, the more it creates pressure, and that’s when problems can arise.

Even though maintenance and AC cleaning services do a good job of making sure it’s running efficiently, there is still nothing worse than having a sudden AC breakdown.

To avoid times like this, we’ve made a list for you. A list of essential tips for keeping your AC running without any issues. Read more below.

Common AC Issues that We all Face!

Before we can jump right into AC repair tips, it is important for you to first take a look at all the common problems that the majority of people face with AC. Here’s a brief list of them:


  • AC is unable to turn on
  • Unit is unable to produce cool air
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Clogged Condenser
  • Electrical Failure
  • Damaged Compressor
  • High Energy Bills


Now, that you know what to look out for, it’ll be easier for you to understand.

5 AC Repair Tips to Keep it Cooling & Running

It’s a hot summer day and you find out that your AC is not cooling properly. This can be a stressful event. If you think that your air conditioning unit may be in need of repair or maintenance, first go through the steps mentioned below.

1.Clean Air Filters

We’ve all faced a time when we realize our AC is no longer operating at peak performance. You may think it’s time to replace your AC unit, but it may be something else. One reason why your AC won’t cool is that the air filter needs to be cleaned.

The filter is responsible for filtering the air before it reached the unit. However, with this air, comes dust particles, dirt, and other contaminants. If not cleaned regularly these contaminants can form a hard layer and freeze the evaporator coil.

Be it a split or window AC, you can clean the filters easily. Open the AC and take out the filter tray from it and carefully clean the filter. If you find it difficult, you can always refer to the AC cleaning Dubai service.

2. Close All Vents

When you turn the AC on, it is always important to make sure that the Airflow is circulating within a range and without any open vents. This is because when the AC pulls in the air present in the room, it produces cool air from it.

Now, if there is an open vent, then the compressor will be affected due to the constant intake of air. Thus, make sure that there is no open vent present in your room.

Keep the exhaust fan turned off when the AC is working and make sure you’ve closed all the ventilators in the room. If there are any gaps between the window and unit then you can try using caulk or any other strong sealants to seal these gaps.

Get your walls insulated. If your walls are too thin then it would be difficult for the AC to keep the room cool at all times. Additionally, sealing all the gaps and leaks to make them airtight can save the consumption of energy which will result in a low energy bill.

3. Adjust Thermostat Settings

The thermostat will allow you to easily control the temperature of the appliance. Be it Split or windows, all AC units come with thermostat settings and cooling operations. If the temperature in the room suddenly changes you may need to adjust your thermostat. Make sure the thermostat remains in the “Automatic” mode instead of the ‘On” mode.

Another reason why the AC is not working is that the thermostat may have run out of batteries. Simply get new ones, or you can even replace the thermostat with the one that is compatible with the unit.

4. Clean Physical Unit

The internal components of the AC are critically important. But, you must not ignore the fact that the external components are equally important. For instance, a dirty physical unit can hamper the AC and stop it’s core functions. The condenser is the outside unit that is responsible for transforming outside air from hot to cold. Because it runs a lot, there is a huge possibility that the condenser can get dirty or even clogged from dirt layers and tiny debris.

Furthermore, a clean condenser keeps the AC running smoothly. Carefully remove the debris from the condenser. You can get help from someone who has done it before or you can simply get assistance from AC cleaning Dubai service providers.

5. Increase Refrigerant Levels

As much as the AC is capable of transforming hot air into the cold air, it is the refrigerant that actually transforms the hot air into cold air. All AC components consist of this fluid that is helpful in transforming the temperature of the air.

But, when the refrigerant gets low, due to many other reasons, the air conditioning unit can stop working or become less efficient when compared to its performance when it was new.

A leak inside the AC unit can also be responsible for a loss of refrigerant fluid. The most common signs to watch out for are unusual noises coming from the AC, water dripping from the AC unit, or it just does not cool as it used to. In such cases, it is advisable to seek help from AC repairing experts

So, if you are experiencing any of these issues, get your AC unit serviced immediately!


5 Essential AC Repair Tips to Stay Cool