Home Restoration and Home Renovation

Home Restoration and Home Renovation in Gainesville Florida – Today’s guest blog is by The Law Offices of Justin P. Christodoro. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.

Home Restoration and Home Renovation

Home Restoration and Home Renovation

Buying an old house that dates back to a different century sounds exciting to a person who is into historical items, Victorian styles, and antiquities. There is something satisfying about bringing life back into something forgotten and unkempt. Nonetheless, restoration of an old house requires a lot of time, money and patience; if you lack even one of those things then you are going to regret taking on a project like this.

Old houses and ancient buildings are beautiful the way they were built, so it’s important not to confuse ‘restoration’ with ‘renovation’. Tearing down a house and replacing its core elements is usually not something you should attempt on your own. You might as well go for a modern house and save yourself the extra effort. Restoration is all about keeping what the home has to offer and only making repairs or much-needed enhancements to rejuvenate it. Buying an old house can be risky as compared to newly built homes. You should always involve a real estate lawyer so that your hard-earned money does not go down the drain.

As mentioned before, the restoration of houses built in a different era is a step-by-step process. It may take years or over a decade to achieve the desired end product, and obviously it can cost a fortune. If you have no prior experience with restoration or renovation of buildings, then this is not something you should go into it blindly. You should not start working on a historical house without a fully thought-out plan because redoing a mistake can become even more difficult and expensive.

It’s best to refer to a professional who can guide you through the whole restoration process, and give a rough estimate of the amount of money needed for your project. When you start looking around the house and visualize what you want, distractions will get the best of you. You will be tempted to do something about the peeled off wallpaper, damaged woodwork or stained tiles (those things are not on the list of priorities). The primary task is to inspect the roof, masonry, and windows. This will allow you to sort out the true strength of the house by examining what needs to be done.

Ensure that the exoskeleton of the house is strong enough to stay standing for a hundred more years, and only then move towards the exterior. The sanitation system of the house is another important aspect to be noted before moving in. Get the floors and ceilings checked for water damages because that would be a major indication of serious structural issues. Water damages are an invitation for bug infestations, and repairs are a tedious and painful process.

Once you are positive that the old house has no structural or legal liabilities and have a clear-cut idea regarding the cost of restoration, then find out its resell value. You may not have an intention to sell the house again, but you must know the profit potential of the home. It will help you recognize whether or not your hard work is worth the money you invested.

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