Choosing Between a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel

Choosing Between a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

For homeowners, remodeling their homes can be hugely challenging. On one hand, there is the high cost and inconvenience of the project, and on the other hand, there is the struggle of deciding on the best renovations to do.

Many homeowners start out with a clear idea of what their homes should look like based on something they have always wanted or, as points out, what they think buyers would value. But most owners end up just settling for the projects that are within their reach.

Instead of a wholesale overhaul, they have to take a piecemeal approach to remodel the home. This often means considering a list of possible projects and choosing those that are most profitable or immediately possible.

Many times, that decision boils down to choosing between a kitchen and a bathroom remodel. Given that these two are homeowner’s most desired renovation projects, it is not always an easy decision to make.

What should homeowners do when confronted with the dilemma of choosing between a bathroom and kitchen renovation? If you are a homeowner caught in this predicament, the guidelines below will help you navigate the situation.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Why do kitchens and bathrooms matter so much?

Kitchens are the hub of the home. In addition to their established use as storage areas and the space where meals are prepared and eaten, kitchens function as family gathering places. They are often the best indication of a family’s lifestyle.

Bathrooms matter because they play the dual role of meeting our body’s sanitary needs and providing a stress-free sanctuary with complete privacy. Bathrooms are usually where we start the workday and often where we end them.

Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Choosing between a bathroom and kitchen remodel

Each home’s needs will be different, the problem should be evaluated from the standpoint of what a home needs now and the homeowner’s future plans.

What is the home missing?

The answer largely depends on your lifestyle. For families that spend a lot of time sharing meals, the kitchen should take priority. The same applies if you love trying out special recipes. The kitchen would also be the better choice if you receive guests in that room.

However, if the only appliances you use in the kitchen are the microwave for heating food and the freezer for preserving them, you probably don’t need a kitchen remodel. Also, if you love to take luxurious baths or if there is someone in the home who has difficulties using the toilet/shower, a bathroom upgrade would be more valuable.

 Bath Remodel

How much does it cost?

Based on how much money you have now; which room could you renovate to the best standard? Remodeling your kitchen will usually cost more than remodeling your bathroom. But the difference is often marginal.

If it is possible to do a thorough remodel of the kitchen, based on your current budget, you should probably go with the kitchen remodel. However, if your budget will only achieve a less-than-perfect kitchen remodel, it makes better sense to divert the money to a cheaper bathroom remodel. When considering costs, though, it is important to also think about the project’s ROI.

The impact on home’s resale value

This is really important if you are looking to sell your home in the near future. If that is your objective, you cannot do renovations from the perspective of what is important to you. The features which buyers value most should take precedence over your own likes.

Typically, kitchen remodels tend to be more valuable to buyers. The average buyer will take more interest in a home’s kitchen than its bathrooms. Therefore, if a home is on the verge of being listed for sale, the bathroom should only be done after the kitchen is finished.

 Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

How disruptive will the project be?

Home remodels are disruptive and the level of disruption depends on which parts of the home are being upgraded. Remodeling the kitchen is not as disruptive as remodeling the bathroom because there are restaurants, fast-food, and microwaves to temporarily take the place of the kitchen. But if the shower is out of commission for even one day, it would be very hard to find a replacement.

Even if it is possible to install a portable toilet, it is just not the same. So if your home has only one bathroom, doing a bathroom remodel could be really stressful.

The project duration

This is related to the disruptiveness of a remodeling project. The longer the project lasts, the longer you and your family have to endure its inconvenience. This can be a major factor in the overall cost of the project because you would have to spend on providing alternatives.

A mid-range bathroom upgrade can be completed in 18 days, but the minimum duration for a kitchen remodel is usually 5 weeks. Even though bathrooms are acutely inconveniencing, kitchens can be disruptive for a longer period.

So, which should you choose: a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel? Ultimately, that question can only be answered by you.

Choosing Between a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel