How to Freshen Up Your Home So It Revives Your Senses

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Freshen Up Your Home

How to Freshen Up Your Home So It Revives Your Senses


If your home is starting to feel a bit outdated, and you feel like it needs some freshening up, it’s time to take some action. Fortunately, there are many ways to revive your home without spending a fortune or making major renovations, though that’s an option too! By following these tips from Gainesville Restoration & Remodeling, you can breathe new life into your living space and revive your senses.


Create a special space just for you

Perhaps you’ve longed for a space just for you to unwind and relax in. Then why not carve out that special place? This is easy to do even if you aren’t a design guru. Designate the ideal space that can function as a retreat spot. Then paint your chosen space a light neutral color to make it feel more spacious and airy, or maybe opt for the look and feel of textured wallpaper to give the space a unique touch. You’ll also want to decide on the right furniture to suit the look and feel of your new sanctuary. Here, it’s all about the comfort factor. This could be a chic yet comfortable chaise lounge or a cozy velveteen armchair. Ultimately, the goal is to create a serene and inviting space that promotes calm and relaxation.


Declutter strategically – start with switching from paper to PDFs

A surefire way to refresh your home is getting rid of the old. Decluttering to refresh your living area clears away unnecessary, unneeded items and frees up space for living stress-free. One idea is to digitize your “paper” records and other documents that tend to pile up. When digitizing paper records, instead of using many files, you can easily keep everything in one file by adding pages to PDFs using an online tool. This tool will also allow you to reorder, delete, and rotate pages, and you can add additional pages to your PDF file if needed.


Make your home more plant-friendly

Swanson’s Nursery notes that there are many benefits associated with having indoor plants dispersed throughout your home. Studies have shown that being surrounded by greenery has specific mood-boosting effects, improves the air quality of the air of surrounding spaces, and can lower stress and anxiety levels if you’re feeling out of sorts. Moreover, it’s quite the decor trend nowadays and can add a bit of liveliness to a room that verges on being too ordinary. Best of all, plants are relatively affordable.


Design the Ideal Office

If you work from home, then it’s important to have a comfortable and inviting space to work in. One way to achieve this is by ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce stress on the body and encourage good posture. For example, an ergonomic chair can help to prevent back pain, while a standing desk can help to improve circulation. In addition to ergonomic furniture, there are a few other things you can do to redesign your home office for comfort and focus. For instance, calming colors and decor can help to create a more relaxing atmosphere while storage solutions will help to declutter your space and keep your work area organized.


Let the light in

Fenesta points out that natural light is also known to be a mood-booster, as is the fresh air that will most likely accompany it. So, if possible, try to let as much natural lighting as you can into your home if you want to feel refreshed and revitalized. For example, maybe it’s time to renovate your home in such a way that you remove partitioning walls to create a more open-plan area so that natural sunlight flows in and through a room. Or you could decide to install double sliding doors in a room that needs a bigger entrance, creating a better flow from one room to the next.


Don’t forget about your home’s exterior

Whether it’s the curb or the back of the house, concentrating on your property’s exterior is just as important as its interior. Essentially, it’s about creating a space that’s pleasing to the eye and restful for the mind and body. Again, be sure to keep records of any new and significant changes you make, such as adding an elaborate water feature to the garden or redoing the deck and patio, for example.


Buy a new home

Depending on the age of your home and your budget, the makeover solution may not be the best option. Particularly if you have rooms that need serious updating. In this case, you’re better off moving into a new home that offers the design features and amenities you’re looking for. The housing market has started to let off a bit of steam, but there are still inventory issues to consider. Start surveying properties that fit your designated budget, and then connect with an experienced local agent to set up showings.

Creating a home that promotes health and wellness should be top of mind for most people nowadays, given the busy and stressful times we live in. So, add the touches your home needs to give it the refresh it’s asking for, whether it’s a retreat space or your home office. And if that proves to be too much, it just might be time to change your location.


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