Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings- Today’s guest blog is by Orlando Epoxy. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

A busy office space rarely gets a complete revamp. Even if it is necessary, this one task is put-off every time. That is why the epoxy floor comes to the rescue. Known as the King of floors, it provides an efficient solution for demanding spaces.

Epoxy is so durable. This is the reason why many high-traffic spaces prefer installing this type of flooring. Unique properties like high-resistance, realistic images on floors, and more are discussed by  Orlando Epoxy Floor. Still, there is so much more you have to know about this high-tech flooring solution.

Here are 4 reasons for you to know why you should install epoxy in your office.

1- Stylish Sheen 

Who wouldn’t want stylish floors? Admit it. Floors are rarely given attention when it comes to styling and designing. Often, you rely on carpets of colorful rugs to accent the grey footing you walk on.

Also, what most pays attention to is cleaning and mopping. But why not give these sturdy surfaces a make-over? This is why epoxy rules. It instantly adds style to floors.

There are many durable concrete floors out there, giving strong quality. But only a few who satisfy an eye for design. Epoxy tops this solution. It offers 3D printing images to be a design coat on floors.

The style you want can be hard to meet. Do you want a realistic, nebulous surface? Or a shabby chic pattern or an image or logo of your company? Yes, you can personalize a flooring with epoxy.

2- Metallic Shine and Steel Strength

Let us talk more about epoxy’s aesthetic factor. If you are not a fan of 3D and got a more sophisticated taste. Then a traditional plain, clear pavement is your thing. There are many stunning Pinterest-inspired metallic epoxy floors to produce.

Achieve a distinct shine on the floor. The resin-rich coating adds luster. That is why you can see the metal-like shine on the floors. Aside from it looking stain-free, it also feels how it appears.

The shiny metallic floor also got the strength of steel. This flooring solution is tough on damages. Epoxy floors’ top layer does not quickly get scratches. The concrete base is so dense that it will not also dent when hard object hits.

3- Lasting Appeal

Office spaces in big companies indeed receive massive foot-traffic. People come in and out. Different soles attach to the floor. An epoxy floor does not lose its appeal.

What for that you achieve a design or style you want. When it can fade or scrape easily. No worries. This footing system will not fail you. Its quality sheen and the lustrous surface is to stay for a long time.

4- Quality Indoor Office Air

Epoxy’s rising popularity has also got the industry hooked on low VOC products. This means epoxy flooring emits low volatile organic compounds.

Unlike other porous cement or vinyl floorings, these products can leak compounds and blend into the air. Indoors, the air quality can attract a different form of invisible particles.

Rugs or rubber floorings, when they react with solvents or heat, would fume certain odors. Certain chemicals also breakdown and infused to the air people breathe.


Epoxy’s exquisite features are less known to many, but now that you’ve become aware, it is now your turn to choose the perfect match for commercial interiors. Among office spaces, peoples’ health is at stake. Don’t forget to add style to encourage creativity, innovativeness, and productivity.