6 Essential Upgrades to Make During a Renovation

6 Essential Upgrades to Make During a Renovation – The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.


6 Essential Upgrades to Make During a Renovation


Upgrading your home is a great opportunity to boost its resale value and add unique details that reflect your style. More importantly, though, your renovations should optimize the space in your home and add to its functionality. The following upgrades will help you achieve this goal and make your home uniquely yours.


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  1. Home Office and Guest Room

With an increasing number of professionals working from home, the need for home office spaces has risen rapidly. You can incorporate an office into your home — and you don’t have to lose your guest bedroom to do so. You can renovate your spare room to meet both needs by putting a sleeper sofa in the room and investing in storage cabinets. Add a full-length mirror for a touch of class, and you have the ideal multifunctional room.


  1. Better HVAC System

If your renovation includes any expansions, you’ll need to assess whether it’s necessary to add additional ductwork or ventilation for the new space. An HVAC company can offer advice on the issue, and if you do need HVAC services, you should start looking for contractors near you online and research reviews and ratings before you contract with a provider. This is the best way to ensure that the company you use will be worth the investment.


  1. Wear-Resistant Flooring

Flooring has evolved considerably in recent years, and delicate shag carpets are no longer the norm. Instead, most homeowners prefer wear-resistant flooring materials such as bamboo, vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain. These options offer both style and sustainability thanks to their long-term durability.


  1. Roof Repairs or Replacement

According to research, the average roof needs to be replaced every 25 to 30 years. If you have a unique roofing material such as copper, tile, or slate, it may last as long as 50 years. No matter what material your roof is made of, though, renovations are the perfect time to invest in any repairs that may be necessary — or, if a replacement is needed, get the replacement out of the way. In addition to the boost in value that a new roof will provide, it will improve your home’s insulation and increase its curb appeal.


  1. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Replacing appliances is a major decision. You may have trouble choosing the color and brand, but no matter what style you opt for, you should prioritize one thing — energy efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances are a fantastic investment, and they offer considerable long-term savings to homeowners.


  1. Interior Design Elements

Lighting is a great opportunity to show off your aesthetic sensibilities. Consider adding some other unique interior design elements such as wallpaper, accent trim, or retro accessories. A renovation allows you to infuse your uniqueness into your home. Don’t miss the opportunity to craft an environment that you love with thoughtful design details.


Home Warranty

A home warranty provides peace of mind by protecting homeowners from costly repairs to appliances and major home systems, such as their HVAC system. They also offer financial protection in the case of unexpected damage due to things like natural disasters or unforeseen accidents. What’s more, many home warranty plans include additional benefits, such as free service calls and discounts on annual maintenance. If you need help with a Florida home warranty, read online reviews to determine the best protection plan for your needs. When choosing a plan, carefully consider customer service, scope of coverage, and available deals.


Transform Your Home Into a Haven

You spend most of your time at home, but it might not always feel like the haven you wish it were. You can change that with renovations that allow you to upgrade the most important parts of your home and add to its appeal. Once you’ve renovated, consider purchasing a home warranty to protect your home’s systems and appliances.