10 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Evergreen

10 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Evergreen –  The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.


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10 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Evergreen


The kitchen is an integral part of a family home, and it undergoes the most wear and tear over time. Kitchen waste and ample use of water accelerate corrosion, discoloration, and deterioration. It is extremely important to maintain cleanliness and good hygiene in the kitchen, as it is the place where your food is typically stored and prepared. A dirty kitchen propagates germs and infections; not to mention, it is unsightly and diminishes the value of your real estate. Follow these ten tips to keep your kitchen in pristine condition:

1. De-clutter the surfaces

The best kind of kitchen is a clean and organized one. If you don’t put stuff back in their right spots, the place will turn into a huge mess pretty quickly. You won’t be able to find items the next time around, which will add to the frenzy and confusion. You might break things, misplace them, or spoil them.

2. Wash/clean stuff after use

If you let the dishes pile up for days on end, and don’t clean up your equipment right after use, grease and bad odor will follow. It will become difficult to clean it up later, and shall probably leave stains; you will need a lot more water and energy too.

3. Wipe and sanitize daily

Do not forget to wipe and sanitize your kitchen counters and floors daily by the end of the day. This will remove contaminants and dirt that accumulate and create problems over time. You will be welcomed by a fresh and tidy kitchen the next day.

4. Don’t let Waste and Spills sit

If you drop or spill something in the kitchen, try to clean it up immediately. Lubricants on the floor can cause slip and fall accidents, whereas food items may attract pests and micro-organisms. Keep all surfaces dry as much as possible.

5. Line your Bins

Most of the kitchen waste is organic waste, which rots and decomposes quickly. Lining your waste bins with biodegradable plastic bags will ensure that none of the waste adheres to the walls or bottom. They are easy to remove and you won’t have to worry about remnants.

6. Deep Clean at least once a Week

Whenever you have time over the weekend, take out an hour and engage in some deep cleaning. Bring out the detergent or an industrial cleaner to nicely scrub your kitchen surfaces. This will effectively remove any residues of grease, dirt, and filth that remain hidden to the naked eye.

7. Never ignore leaks

If you notice a leaky faucet or pipe, do not leave it be until it propagates into a disaster. Call in a plumber or handyman as soon as possible. Refrain from DIY hacks and quick fixes. If you don’t pay attention to the leak, it may cause greater damage to the plumbing and sanitation system.

8. Do not delay repairs

Anything that seems to be malfunctioning or out of place should be taken care of immediately. Whether it’s an electrical appliance, nozzle/knob, or something else, have it repaired or replaced before it’s too late; same goes for cracks, breakage, and leaks.

9. Laminate Wooden Surfaces

Most people go for the conventional wooden cabinets and flooring, though they might not be the best choice for a kitchen that is constantly exposed to moisture. If you want to protect your wood based structures, you may do so by coating the surfaces with laminate material.

10. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Blocking the airways of a kitchen is as bad as committing a criminal offense. Make sure to open the windows or turn on your exhaust for proper ventilation. This will promote circulation of fresh air and eliminate excess air moisture. If you have a chimney, get it serviced on a regular basis.


10 Tips to Keep your Kitchen Clean and Evergreen