10 Signs Telling You to Renovate Your Gainesville Home

10 Signs Telling You to Renovate Your Home – Today’s guest blog is by the Law Office Of Phillips and Allen P.A. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling.

Renovate Your Home

10 Signs Telling You to Renovate Your Home

New homes fitted with good quality materials and appliances appeal to spectators for a reason. The shiny and spotless surfaces, smoothly operating systems/devices, and overall vibrancy are aesthetically pleasing and comforting. However, material things don’t remain new forever – they deteriorate with time and usage. Problems with the home start to become evident by the end of ten years, or sooner if the house wasn’t flawless, to begin with. The rate of property depreciation also depends upon the level of maintenance exercised by the inhabitants.

If you notice the following signs, it is high time to consider a home renovation:

1.      Leaky Roof

If you notice water dripping from any part of the roof, do not ignore it. It could be an indication of rotting structure, which may get worse if not attended to immediately. The roof may weaken over time and collapse without warning, causing fatal personal injuries. Fixing the roof can be a bit expensive, but delaying the job will only increase the damage and resulting costs of repair.

2.      Constant Plumbing and Eclectic Issues

If one or more taps are constantly leaking, toilets and drains keep getting clogged, lights keep flickering/dimming, sockets are loose/don’t work, your water storage tank overflows/doesn’t fill up, you should be calling in a professional electrician and plumber. DIY solutions or quick fixes might make matters worse or even dangerous.

3.      Flaky/Peeling Paint

Flaky or peeling paint is just another sign of wear and tear or might be an indication of moisture buildup in the wall. Filling up gaps, evening the surfaces, and applying a fresh coat of primer and paint will give your home new life. You can take care of the paint job on your own if the walls are in fairly good condition.

4.      Congested Space

The house you bought a decade or more before may not look as roomy as it used to be. Your family has perhaps expanded, or the kids have grown up. You should consider adding a second story, room extensions, or modification of layout. You may also get rid of stuff nobody in the house needs.

5.      Cracks in Walls

If there are noticeable cracks in the walls, get them checked by an expert before you attempt a DIY paint job to cover them up. There could be a leakage in pipes running along the walls, or some other structural issue.

6.      Chipped Wood

Damaged or chipped woodwork tends to make the house look more shabby and worn out than it actually is. You can expect wood to decay faster if the weather in your area is mostly wet or humid. Staining/painting and varnishing/polishing wood can restore its glory. If you are thinking about replacing your existing woodworks, you may choose laminated wood or faux wood instead.

7.      Floor Giving Way

Broken, cracked, chipped, and discolored tiles are appalling sights. It may give the impression that some violent crimes have been committed within the house. If the floor gives way or has gotten uneven in places, it definitely needs work because it is a hazard.

8.      Bug Infestation

If termites and other bugs have been pouring into your home, do not let it slide. Your home obviously needs some professional cleaning and disinfecting. Bug infestation is also a sign of problems with the house foundation.

9.      Out-dated Vibes

Home interior trends continuously change with time and old appliances lose their value. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your real estate starts to look outdated after a decade of no refurnishing projects. Replace your obsolete household items with sleeker and greener ones.

10. Dirty Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are most susceptible to wear and tear, primarily because of their constant exposure to moisture. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms is the most commonplace approach to renew a home and increase its market value.