Gainesville Florida Restoration Service

Gainesville Florida Restoration Service. When a fire or flood occurs; Gainesville Restoration and Ocala Restoration are here to help clean up the mess quickly. Because our team of experienced water damage and fire damage restoration technicians will get to work right away; assessing the damage, the cause of the damage, and making sure that the mess is cleaned up. Then, when we are finished, we will also clean up our mess; leaving no evidence that there was ever an issue.

Gainesville Florida Restoration Service

Gainesville Florida Restoration Service

Home Restoration & Damage Clean-Up

So, if you’ve had a fire, flood, or other disaster occur in your home or other property; let our restoration experts go to work for you. From estimation to completion, our team is ready to handle all your restoration needs in; Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Palatka, and more. For more information about our services send us an email.

Gainesville Florida Restoration Service

Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up

When water damage and flooding occurs, it’s important to get to work as soon as possible; to start drying the carpet, floors, and walls to minimize the overall damage. At Gainesville Restoration & Ocala Restoration, we get to work quickly to diagnose the cause of the water damage and begin restoration. Learn more about Water Damage Restoration.

Mold Damage Remediation & Clean Up

In addition to being unsightly, mold can also be a health risk as well. Furthermore, some types of mold can cause serious illnesses. So, it’s important to be able to recognize these symptoms: 

  • Nasal and sinus congestion, runny nose.
  • Respiratory problems, such as wheezing and difficulty breathing, chest tightness.
  • Cough.
  • Throat irritation.
  • Sneezing fits.

Also, mold cannot be removed by simple cleaning methods and contrary to common beliefs, bleach will not kill mold. Furthermore, mold remediation and removal should be handled by a mold remediation specialist. Learn more about Mold and Mold Remediation.

Fire Damage Restoration & Clean Up

When it comes to fire damage restoration; fire restoration involves a lot more than simply replacing burnt materials such as flooring, ceilings, walls. Since residual damage is almost always present and can include; soot, ash, fire odor, and even water damage that come from extinguishing the blaze. Therefore, if you’ve had a fire in your home or business, call the experts at Gainesville Restoration and Ocala Restoration; for professional restoration technicians who will quickly and efficiently restore the damaged area. Learn more about Fire Damage Restoration.

Gainesville Florida Restoration Service

CGC 1527839 – State Certified General Contractor

CCC 1332071 – State Certified Roofing Contractor

MRSR – 96 – State Certified Mold Remediator