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Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Clean Up

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair –  When your home or other property experiences water damage; it’s important to immediately discover the cause and then begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Because the longer you wait once the presence of excess water is found; the more destruction the water is likely to cause.

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

One Call for Cleanup and Rebuild

Some typical water damage claims are the cause of mechanical failure by an appliance such as a washer/dishwasher from; plumbing supply lines to sinks, toilets, water heaters, and from clogged air conditioner condensation lines, aquariums, or even water beds. At Gainesville Restoration and Ocala Restoration, we handle your water damage claim from estimating to completion!

Our team will assess the water damages with before photos and analysis; then begin mitigating the damage by extracting the water and using integrated drying equipment to start drying out the structure. 

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

Let Us Repair Your Water Damage

Our estimators and project managers will work with you and your adjuster; to efficiently repair the water damage in your home. Since our first priority is to you, our customer. We are a preferred contractor with many insurance carriers in our industry. In addition, we offer our complete satisfaction guarantee and a written warranty.

Our services include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services for Water Extraction, Plumbing Repairs, and Structural Drying
  • TOTAL Restoration – Reconstruction – Repair and Remodeling
  • Slab Detection and Leak Repairs
  • Mold Remediation
  • Black Water and Sewage Clean-up
  • Contents Cleaning & Inventory (including cleaning & restoring furniture, textiles, and clothes)
  • Written Warranty on ALL Services Performed

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Restoration

If you’ve experienced water damage in your home or another property, call the experts at Gainesville Restoration or Ocala Restoration. Our specialists will review the water damage in its entirety; then locate the origin of the water and assess the overall property damage. So, how do we go about removing the water and then begin the damage restoration process? Please continue reading to get an idea of our water damage restoration techniques.

Assessing The Water Damage: We will begin to assess the extent of damage in the affected area. Also, we access the damage that can be seen on the surface; as well as investigate any potential water damage that can be hiding in ceilings, floorboards, and interior/exterior walls.

Mold Removal Services

Drying & Dehumidifying: After the water damage has been assessed, the drying and the dehumidifying process will help prevent any further moisture damage; and reduce the chance of mold forming. Also, during this process, we will employ mold and mildew removal techniques. In addition, we deodorize the musty smell that’s common where water damage is present.

Restoration & Reconstruction: Then, once we have the affected area dried out, we’ll begin the water damage cleanup and restoration process. Utilizing our water damage assessment, we’ll get to work removing ruined property including; floorboards, ceiling tiles, drywall, and anything else that is a “complete loss” from the water damage. We will also clear out any property that was present in the damaged area, such as; electronic devices, furniture, etc. In addition, we’ll rebuild walls, floors, ceilings, and plumbing/electrical, if needed. Then, once the construction is complete; we’ll re-drywall/texture and paint, leaving the room looking as if no water damage even occurred.

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair

Common Causes of Water Damage

While one of the most obvious causes of water damage in a home is from some sort of flooding; the causes of flooding can be quite numerous. We’ve seen homeowners return from vacations only to find water damage caused by; water heaters, refrigerator lines, air conditioners, and many other appliances.

In conclusion, we can handle your water damage claim including direct insurance billing from estimating to completion, and with no upfront costs! The team at Gainesville Restoration and Remodeling offers 60-minute mobilization as well as general contracting and build-back repair services. Our Certified Mold Remediation services are backed by our 100% 3-year warranty. We are ready to handle all your restoration needs in Gainesville or Ocala.

Gainesville Emergency Water Damage Repair